Action Plan of Socail Motivation Service Bangladesh

In March 2015, a delegation from Denmark in Bangladesh was in collaboration with our partners in the country to discuss a development plan for the organization. We have called it a strategy for the development from 2015-20.
The overall goal of the strategy is to make the 3 schools more self-sustaining economically, so that the organization SMS can use more resources (and resources) on social programs – the GIRLS youth project, the DREAM disability project and the SAFE health project. More specifically, the goal is that the schools in Birganj, Pirganj and Patnitola by 2020 should have increased their own funding from the current 40% to 70%.The strategic plan is therefore primarily about how schools can earn more revenue from the users. It is an urgent problem that too many students leave school after grade 4 because the parents believe that the children must have the 5th year in a Bangladeshi school so that students can pass the entrance examination to middle school. Parents must be convinced that the children are learning abundantly at our schools to make up for further schooling.


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